Sharing a session direct link via mobile app

How to share a link with your availability using the HoneyBook iOS and Android mobile apps

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HoneyBook’s Scheduler tool is designed to help you stop the email ping pong and schedule meetings with leads and clients faster. With the Scheduler, you’ll create custom session types, predetermining things like meeting length, instructions, and availability. Once you share a session, your leads and clients can simply pick a time from your real-time availability and within the hours you define, that also works for them.

Every session type will have a unique session link, which you can easily copy to share with clients via text, on your social channels, and more; or, which you can simply send via a project's activity feed from your iOS or Android HoneyBook app! 

Need to share your session links on desktop instead? Here's how!

This article covers sharing your session direct links—which you can copy and share via any channel you'd like. If you prefer to have clients schedule through your smart files, you can—which will also allow you to combine multiple steps of your process together into single powerhouse documents (think: service selection, scheduling, payment, and more!). Check out this article for more on using smart files for scheduling.

iOS & Android: Copying a session link to share

1. From your home screen (pipeline view), tap the Tools tab in your bottom navigation bar.

2. Tap the Scheduler tool.

3. Tap the session type for which you'd like to copy the link. If you have several session types, just tap and pull the list upwards to see them all!

a. At the moment, session types need to be created via desktop. Here's how!

4. Now, your session link of choice will be copied to your phone's clipboard, making it easy to text to your clients, share via social channels, and more.

iOS & Android: Sharing a session link via a project's activity feed

1.  Find or create the project through which you'd like to share a session link, as all communication with clients needs to be associated with existing projects.

  • Find a project: search via the search icon at the top of your app's Home screen (pipeline view), or locate the project from the project list in your pipeline.

  • Create a project: learn how here!

2.  Once in the project, you can send an email with the session link in a few different ways. You can:

  • Tap the Send Email button at the bottom of the screen to create a new email

  • From the Activity tab, tap Reply on any email, which will keep the same subject line and create an email thread 

For email threading functionality, make sure you have your email integration set up!

3.  If starting a new email, enter your email subject line.

4.  Enter the body of your email, and find where you would like to insert the session link. Tap to make sure your cursor is in the correct location, then select the Calendar icon from the email toolbar.

5.  Select the session type for which you'd like to share the link. If you have several session types, just tap and pull the list upwards to see them all!

At the moment, session types need to be created via desktop. Here's how!

6.  Enter the link name (the text that will hyperlink to the session link).

7.  Tap Save.

This will enter the hyperlinked text into your email! Just tap Send when you're ready.

Then, when your client schedules a meeting with you via your link, you'll receive a push notification to let you know (if you have those turned on, of course!), and the meeting will appear on your HoneyBook Calendar. You'll also receive push notifications if your client reschedules or cancels the meeting!

Curious what you client sees when you share a session link? Check out more info here.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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