Released: February 25. 2020

Introducing: HoneyBook’s scheduling tool! In just 3 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to scheduling meetings with clients 2x faster. Here's how it works:

1.  Create your session type.

Create “session types” based on common meetings you might schedule. These might be things specific to your business, like “Discovery Session,” “Consultation,” or “Mini Session,” or, they can be more general, like 15-minute calls vs. 30-minute meetings.

2.  Set your availability.

Define which days and hours you’re interested in meeting. You can remove availability for days you don’t want to meet, and create windows of time for the days that you do! You can also sync your Google Calendar so you never get double-booked.

3.  Share your session link. 

Once you’ve created your session type, you’ll receive a link that you can share so clients can schedule a time that works. Add links to your HoneyBook email templates; share links quickly through a Project's Activity Feed; or even post them publicly on your website & social channels.

And just like that... your meeting is scheduled! No email ping pong required.

Learn more about scheduling in HoneyBook here!

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