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Every business decision you make, big or small, has an impact. As we enter a new year (and a new decade!) we want to make sure that you start on the right foot, with everything you need to make the best choices for your business at every turn. That’s why HoneyBook keeps everything you need in one place, so you always know what's going on with your business — and where to take it next.

Though the overarching goal of HoneyBook is to make managing your business easier, there are a few tools in particular that help guide you in the decisions that you make. In this month’s guide, we’ll walk through the HoneyBook features you have at your fingertips that make it extra easy to always make the best choices for your business. 

In this article, we'll walk through our top tips on making the best business decisions with HoneyBook:

Step 1: Set up your Contact Form 

Collect your leads — and all the info you need from them — automatically

The HoneyBook Contact Form is a widget that can be customized with any questions you need your leads to answer, then embedded on your company website (or sent out via a Direct Link, with no embedding necessary!). 

With your Contact Form set up, you’ll quickly and easily gather information from potential clients — name, contact info, what they’re interested in booking you for, etc. — and funnel that info directly into your HoneyBook account. Incoming requests will automatically populate as Inquiries (Projects in the Inquiry stage) in your Project Pipeline. Then, you can follow up with your new lead as you see fit! 

How does the Contact Form help you make better business decisions?

  • Getting relevant information about your leads off the bat makes it easy to decide which clients to take on. Lead scrubbing can be done at a glance when you know exactly who your leads are and what they’re looking for!

  • Collecting certain information, like where leads come from and what type of project they want you for, can provide crucial insights for long-term strategy. Knowing where your business is coming from, and what people want most from you, helps with marketing and general planning efforts moving forward.

  • It saves you time & keeps you organized. Since you need Projects in place to send any client communications through HoneyBook, Contact Form submissions that automatically create those Projects — instead of you doing so manually for every client — streamline everything, leaving you with the time and headspace you need to run your biz.

See why the Contact Form is Laura Neff’s “secret weapon” to never getting ghosted by her inquiries!

Ready to create your Contact Form?

First, build and customize your Contact Form to make sure it asks the right questions — and looks as beautifully branded as you need it to!

Then, it’s time to make sure potential clients can find your form to submit their inquiries. You can embed it directly on your website, and/or simply share it via email, social channels, and more (with no embedding required) using your Direct Link!

Step 2: Create Automations

Automate steps in your process to give yourself back some time & headspace

HoneyBook offers a variety of automation options that allow you to take work off your plate, while still affording you control over the branding and messaging of everything that goes out. After all, just because a computer is sending something, doesn’t mean it should sound like a robot!

And with all the things you inevitably have on your to-do list, every bit of automation can help. You can use one, some, or all of these automation options — whatever suits your business!

Automations, for example, allow you to automate elements of your Project's lifecycle — like sending out emails or certain file types at the cadence of your choice. 

Actions can nudge your client to view a file you’ve sent, if they haven’t yet, as well as automatically expiring sent files if too much time has passed after sending.

And finally, Payment Reminders can automatically remind clients about payments that are upcoming, due, or overdue — significantly limiting the amount of missed payments you have to deal with. 

How do these automations help you make better business decisions?

  • Payment reminders minimize missed payments. Feeling secure in the fact that money will be in the bank — in the amounts and at the times you expect it — is crucial to ensuring that everything else runs smoothly.

  • They save you time & keep you organized. Taking some of those nitty gritty admin tasks off your plate leaves you with the time and headspace you need to run your business successfully.

See how automating 50% of her business helped Cristina Barragan stop wasting time chasing every lead, allowing her to focus only on ideal clients!

Ready to get your automations set up?

Start simple by customizing your Actions and Payment Reminders, so you never have to remind your clients to take action on a file or payment again.

Then, step your game up even further by creating & applying one (or many!) Automations to streamline things like email & document sends. You can even create Automations that respond to those Inquiries coming in via the Contact Form, ensuring that your lead gets a response when they’re at the peak of their interest.

Step 3: Understanding your personalized reports

Put it all together to understand how your business is doing — and where it's headed!

HoneyBook's Reports page provides you with an overview of your lead data, bookings, and financial analytics. With a number of different reports at your fingertips, you’ll have insights into your business that empower you to grow.

How do Reports help you make better business decisions?

  • Info about your leads — like how leads found you and what type of project they want you for — can provide crucial insights for long-term strategy. Knowing where your business is coming from, and what people want most from you, helps with marketing and general planning efforts moving forward.

  • Quickly see trends at a glance in monthly and yearly reports, so you know your conversion rates are where you want them to be. These longer-term term reports help you understand your business’ seasonality and predict cash flow, so you’re prepared for slower periods and can make the best business investments. 

See how Laura Neff uses HoneyBook reports to help her analyze patterns, set goals, and make those goals happen.

Ready to get the most out of your reports?

First, do a quick check to make sure that your lead sources and Project types are set up the way you want in your Company Settings. Getting these in place early will ensure that your reports truly reflect your business.

Then, with those settings in place, your reports should tell you all you need to know! Learn the ropes of reporting here.

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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