As you and your clients take action on files in HoneyBook, they'll progress through their own set of stages. Here's what each status means!

PLEASE NOTE: In each status, we'll note whether a file can be deleted or expired

Deleting a file: Removes the file from the Project entirely. This will permanently delete all of that file's information for both you and any participants associated with the Project.

Marking a file as Expired: File will stay in the Files tab of the Project, but will ONLY be visible to you and your team. They will NOT be visible to any participants who are not HoneyBook team members (i.e. clients, other vendors, etc.).

Statuses shared by all file types: 

Draft: File has been created by you or a teammate within HoneyBook, but not sent. Only team members who are participants in the Project and/or have Admin permissions will be able to see draft files within a Project. Clients will NOT be able to view draft files.  At this stage, you can still delete the file or Mark it as Expired 

: File has been sent, but the client has not yet clicked the link within the accompanying email to view the file. Can still delete or mark file as expired.

HoneyBook Tip: Curious to see whether your client has opened the email, even if they haven't clicked to open the file yet? Look for the Read tag on the email in the Activity Feed!

: Client has clicked the link they received via email to view the file. Can still delete or mark file as expired. NOTE: Final stage for Timeline files.

File-specific statuses:

Signed: Contract or Proposal file has been signed. For a Proposal, the file will remain in the signed stage until ALL payments have been made. Can still delete or mark file as expired. NOTE: Final stage for Contract files.

Payment Viewed:
Client has proceeded to the payments screen on an Invoice or Proposal. Can still delete or mark file as expired.

Retainer Paid:
First payment has been processed (or manually marked as paid) on an Invoice or Proposal.

: All payments have been made. File can be marked as expired, but NOT deleted. NOTE: Final stage for both Invoice & Proposal files.

: Brochures & Questionnaires only. Client has submitted their selections and/or answers. NOTE: Final stage for both Brochure & Questionnaire files.

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