Growing Your Business, Lesson 2: Projects & Files to Get You Booked
Section 2: Understanding & creating Brochures

Brochures in HoneyBook allow you to promote your brand and showcase your services in a beautifully designed file that fits right in with your company's aesthetic. When your potential client receives a Brochure, they'll be able to select a package or service that they're interested in, after which HoneyBook will automatically draft a Proposal for you based on their selection(s).

That said, the Brochure file is incredibly flexible and can apply to a whole host of use cases!

By combining the text options, images, services, and questions into various configurations, you can create:

  • Interactive service catalogues

  • Traditional portfolios

  • Mood boards

  • Proofing sheets

  • Guides to working with you

  • Welcome kits

  • And more!

We reviewed the elements of Brochures and how to create them when we talked about Templates in Lesson 1, Section 2—same basic concepts apply here!

To create and send a Brochure file to a client:

1.  From within the Project you’ve found or created per instructions in the previous section, select the New File button. 

2.  Select Brochure from the file menu.

3.  Choose to start with a blank Brochure, a recently used Brochure, or a Brochure Template.

HoneyBook Tip: This is why it’s helpful to have Templates built out in advance! You can quickly apply them to Projects at this stage, then make any changes that might apply to this particular Project/client without the need to recreate the majority of file.

4.  If you’re starting from a blank Brochure, refer to the instructions in Lesson 1, Section 2 for how to build out Sections with Content blocks (text and images), Services blocks (your packages or services), and Question blocks (for your clients to answer any questions you have for them).

HoneyBook Tip: If you’re starting from a recent file or a Template, feel free to make any edits you need that are relevant to this client—these changes will only reflect in this individual file, and won’t affect the original file or Template.

5.  Once you’ve built or edited your file to your satisfaction, select whether you'd like to allow your client to add questions or comments to their submission: click the file drawer tab, where you can check Client can submit questions or comments under the Options tab.

6.  If you’d like to review what your client will see when you send the Brochure, click the Client View button in the top right corner.

7.  When your Brochure is ready to send, click Next: Review Email.

8.  Review your email subject line and body, and make any edits you'd like. 

9.  Click Send! HoneyBook will send the email and Brochure right to your client.

Once your client receives the file and makes their selections (if applicable), they’ll be able to click Submit. You’ll learn more about what your client experiences with Brochure files (and others!) in Section 5 of this lesson!

When they submit their responses to this file, you'll receive a notification in your Notification Center, as a push notification (if you have the mobile app downloaded, and push notifications turned on), and within the Activity Feed of the Project. You can review their selections through the Brochure file itself, and if service options were included in the file, HoneyBook will also automatically draft—but not send!—a Proposal based on their choices.

In the next section, Creating & Sending Proposals, we’ll review how to create that all-in-one booking document, Proposals (or edit those that have been automatically created by a Brochure submission!).

Have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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