Welcome to Growing Your Business with HoneyBook! 

In this course, we’ll discuss some key topics and features that share one overarching goal: to help you grow your business. 

We'll review some of the foundational elements that help set you up for success—relevant account settings, Template setup, important file types—as well as going into some more advanced features that really help you scale, like Contact Forms and automated Workflows. Then, we'll finish by learning about the tools you have to track your business growth!

If you're new to HoneyBook, we recommend starting with our HoneyBook101 Course or an HB101 webinar, as either will provide an excellent foundation from which to build

Once you begin this course, we suggest working through the lessons in order, as they'll build upon each other as you move through each section. However, using this table of contents as an anchor, you can also bounce between lessons and sections as necessary—if you've already taken HB101, for example, you may notice some familiar content!

Sections are comprised of a combination of written instructions, videos, images, and GIFs to suit all learning styles.
We'll also include links to articles in our Help Center when relevant—feel free to use these to deep-dive into topics you'd like more information on!

Ready to grow your business even further?

Lesson 1: Setting up for business growth

Lesson 2: Projects & files to get you booked

Lesson 3: Contact forms and automations to scale

Lesson 4: Tracking your growth

Have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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