HoneyBook 101, Lesson 3: Setting Up for Success with Templates
Section 3:
HoneyBook's complimentary account setup service

Are you postponing getting started? Overwhelmed by the prospect of transitioning everything from your old system into HoneyBook? We know, it can be daunting; but that's why we have a team dedicated to transferring your existing materials into HoneyBook on your behalf—a complimentary one-time service that's available as soon as you become a paid HoneyBook member! With just a couple minutes of work required from you, it's the easiest way to change your business for the better from Day 1. 

Whether you already have fully built-out documentation you've been using on another platform, or you just want to get the ball rolling by importing some half-finished notes and documents, you can take advantage of (and really benefit from!) this service.

Once you upload your materials for our team, we'll add them to the appropriate Templates section in your HoneyBook account (Package Templates, Contract Templates, Invoice Templates, or Questionnaire Templates). From there, you can edit them further if you need, or just start sending them out to your clients!

Our team can complete this one-time service to help upload:

If you already have fully built out contracts, questionnaires, etc. that you just need formatted into HoneyBook, great—but you don't need to have completed documentation to take advantage of this service! You can always just use it to get a head start and upload whatever you have now, then make any edits to the Templates down the road.


Here's what information might be helpful for each type of Template:

  • For pricing: existing brochures, proposals, or any other documents that detail the prices of your items or pricing packages

  • For Contracts: old contracts or contract language you've used or intend to use

  • For Questionnaires: sets of questions you've sent to your clients or directed your clients to fill out; new lists of questions that you may want to send in the future

Don’t worry about file format—PDFs, MS Word docs.... just send whatever you got! And even if your documents aren't perfect yet, that’s totally okay—you can make edits to them at any point down the road. 


This is a one-time service, so you should upload as much as you have at this stage! Don't worry, though—we won't leave you hanging after the initial set-up. We're always happy to walk you through setting up your own Templates in the future, or answer any other questions that arise.

Check out the full FAQ here!



To upload your materials:

1.  First, just upload any relevant materials here. 

  • What counts as relevant material, you ask? See above!

Having trouble accessing the page? Get in touch with our Concierge team by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page!




2.  Once the team receives your files, our Account Setup team will upload your materials to the appropriate location within your Templates section, aligning them with HoneyBook's formatting.

3.  Within 3 business days, you'll receive an email from us that your materials have been successfully uploaded! To access:

4.  From within the appropriate Templates section, click the file drawer tab on the left side of the screen to find the Templates that were added for you.

  • You can click to open any Template, allowing you to double check that it was set up correctly and make any edits that you need. 

5.  Use your Templates when you're creating other file Templates/live files (in the case of Packages) or sending Contracts and Questionnaires to your clients!


Remember, Templates are not set in stone—they just give you a jumping off point. Once you apply them to another file or Project, you can adjust as necessary without affecting the original Template.



Awesome job—you made it through Lesson 3! In Lesson 4, Understanding Projects, Workspaces, & the Pipeline, we’ll talk about creating and managing Projects—a foundational element of HoneyBook—and how they stay organized in your Project Pipeline.

Have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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