Boost your branding: how to stand out, save time, and increase sales [On-demand webinar]

Learn how to create and send Brochure files through HoneyBook and what your clients experience when you send

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Learn how to create an interactive HoneyBook Brochure to send your potential clients, through which you can promote your brand and showcase your services in a beautifully designed file that fits right in with your company's aesthetic. You can use the Brochure file to create interactive pricing guides, welcome kits, mood boards, proofing documents, branded questionnaires, and more! We’ll finish by seeing what the Brochure experience looks like for your clients, and what happens in your account after they’ve submitted their selections.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Creating a Brochure Template

  • Sending the Brochure to a client

  • Your client’s experience with the Brochure

  • Next steps for you

This webinar references legacy files. Interested in upgrading to smart files, our newest file experience? Click here to learn more and add smart files to your account!

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