Whether it's your logo, a file header, or an item's icon, you want to make sure that the images you send through HoneyBook look crisp and professional. To ensure the best experience for both you and your clients, here are some image sizing guidelines for various elements of your HoneyBook experience!

  • Main (square) logo

  • Secondary logo 

  • Profile photo

  • Email signature icon

  • Project page header

  • File header

  • Item image

  • Brochure images

Logos & Branding

Main (square) logo:  100 x 100 px
Secondary logo:  600 x 200 px

Profile photo:  360 x 360 px

Email signature icon:  100 x 100 px

Project & File Imagery

Project page header:  1200 x 400 px

File header images:  750 x 300 px

Item images: 110 x 110 px

Brochure images: 

  • Full-width images: high quality images; 780 px wide for best results

  • Single-column images: 320 x 220 px

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