While there isn't a file in HoneyBook that functions solely as a "quote" or a price estimate, there are a few ways you can utilize some of HoneyBook's existing files to approximate the experience!

Here are the best ways to send a "quote" to a client:

Using a Brochure as a quote

Creating and sending a Brochure is a way to showcase things like your pricing packages, a la carte items, hourly rates, and more, then allow your client to select the items or services they're interested in — with no commitment necessary!

With Brochures, there are no payments or signatures required. Once your client makes their selections within the Brochure, they'll be able to review their choices and the associated prices, then submit the file back to you. 

This will automatically draft — but not send! — a Proposal (a combination of an Invoice and Contract), which will only be visible to you. After you've had a chance to discuss and finalize the pricing with your client, you can make any necessary edits to the pricing in the drafted Proposal, and send it off for payment!

Using an Invoice as a quote

You can also create and send an Invoice to your client, which will more accurately tally up the estimated cost of the items or services your client is looking to purchase. This option will also include a proposed payment schedule in the file.

Since Invoices do include the option to make a payment right away, make sure, when you send the file, to clearly instruct your client to review the items/services and the payment schedule, then reach out to you if they need to make any changes. You can use the email that goes out with the file to convey this info!

PLEASE NOTE: Invoices will always include the option to make a payment immediately — there is no way to turn this feature off, at the moment. 

Once your client gets back in touch with their requests for updates, you can either edit & resend the existing Invoice to reflect the agreed upon changes, or delete the original "quote" Invoice and create a new file from scratch.

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