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Understanding Google Spam Protection
Understanding Google Spam Protection

Understanding how Google's Spam Protection works with your HoneyBook Contact Form

Updated over a week ago

To ensure that the leads coming in through your site are safe and legitimate, the HoneyBook Contact Form uses Google Spam Protection to effectively protect your business from spam and abuse. 

Google’s Spam Protection is all about security. It uses reCAPTCHA to instantly analyze the quality of an interaction with your contact form, evaluating a wide range of cues that distinguish humans from bots. This helps keep automated software systems from taking abusive action on your site — while still letting your valid users submit their Contact Forms with ease!

What does that mean for your potential clients? 

No crazy reCAPTCHA quizzes to decipher a frustratingly squiggly set of letters — which means a frictionless experience as they express their interest in your services! This security system will instantly determine whether the submitter is a human or a bot. Human users will be let through without a challenge and without seeing the I'm Not A Robot checkbox, while suspicious users and bots still have to solve the challenges.

What does this mean for you? 

Assurance that the leads coming in through your Contact Form are legitimate people who are interested in your services — not robots!

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