So, you sent your beautiful Brochure. Your client reviewed the file, then made their selections and submitted them back to you. Now what? 

Once your client clicks Submit on a Brochure, you'll receive a notification in your Notification Center, as a push notification (if you have the app downloaded, and push notifications turned on), and within the Activity Feed of the Project. 

Then, you'll be able to review their selections in two ways: 

  • Through the submitted Brochure file itself

  • Through the Proposal that HoneyBook automatically drafts for you

Reviewing client selections through the Brochure

Once your client makes their selections and submits their Brochure, you can easily check out what they're interested in through the Brochure file.

To do so, head to the Files tab within the appropriate Project, and click to open the Brochure file that you sent. Then, you can click View Selection to hop to the Review section of the file and see what they picked!

Reviewing client selections through the draft Proposal

As soon as your client submits their Brochure selections, HoneyBook will automatically draft — but not send! — a Proposal for you that contains all the products/services that were selected. 

To review their selections, head to the Files tab within the appropriate Project, and click the drafted Proposal to check out what they picked.

Once you're in the Proposal, you can make any necessary edits to the file that you need, and send it off to your client when you're ready.

If you'd rather send a different file type or create an entirely different Proposal, no problem — you can always delete the draft we created and proceed however you'd like!

Want to learn more?

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