How do I send an email or file to just one person?

How to create separate email threads with specific project or workspace participant(s), to reach people individually

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Whenever you create a project, you automatically create that project's first workspace. And as we know, any participants that you add to that project will receive all emails or files that are sent through it. 

If you need to send an email or file to just one person—or a subset of people—that are related to the project, though, you can do so by adding one or more related workspaces within your main project. These related workspaces will allow you to create separate lines of communication, only visible to the participants you add to those individual workspaces—while still tracking any activity, like payments made or signatures collected, under the umbrella project. Here's how to create a related workspace!

Once you've added multiple workspaces within a project, you can easily toggle between them by selecting the workspace at the bottom of your grey Only visible to you section under Related Workspaces. Then, you can just send a message or file from within that workspace!

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