We know you can create Package Templates in HoneyBook to quickly save your pricing packages or groups of items/services that are commonly sold together — but what about simply building out your list of individual items?

Adding items to your item bank is as simple as adding a new item to an Invoice or Proposal that you send to a client.

PLEASE NOTE: At at this time, items can't be deleted or edited from your item bank.

To add an item to your item bank:

1.  Create your Invoice or Proposal.

2.  In the Items section, click Add New Item

3.  In the Item Name field, enter the name of your new item.

4.  Click the Add (+) button.

5.  Edit the details for the Item by clicking on the field you'd like to update. You can adjust: 

  • Item quantity

  • Item price

  • Item tax rate

  • Item image (can select from Image Library, or upload a new image)

6.  Send your file!

Once an item has been added to a file that you send, it will be available in your item bank for future use.

PLEASE NOTE: Items that are added to Invoice Templates or Proposal Templates are not added to your item bank for future use — only items that are added directly to Invoices or Proposals that you proceed to send. 

Want to learn more?

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