Yes, your client can definitely update the credit card they're using to make their payments—even if they opted to turn on autopay when they made their first payment on an Invoice or Proposal! 

Changing a credit card can be done without turning off or interrupting any payments—including automatic payments—but the change will need to be completed on your clients' end per the instructions below. If your client needs to turn auto-pay off entirely, here's how they can do that.

To update a credit card for an automated payment schedule:

1.  Have your client open their HoneyBook Client Portal by clicking any link in any HoneyBook email you've sent them (for example, the link to a file you've sent, or via the direct link to your Client Portal).

HoneyBook Tip: You can customize the Client Portal experience! Check out how here.

2.  Head the Payments screen. This can be reached either via:

  • The Invoice or Proposal itself, by heading to the Payment Plan section
  • The Payments tab of their main client portal, as in the GIF below 

3.  In either case, click the Pay button by the next available payment.

4.  This will open the payments screen. This will NOT automatically make a payment. In the Credit Card section, click Edit.

5.  Click the trash can icon that appears in order to remove the original card.

6.  Enter the information for the new credit card, and click Pay.

This will save the new credit card to the client's account, enabling any future payments—manual or automatic—to be drawn from the new card.

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