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Can my client edit or remove their credit card?
Can my client edit or remove their credit card?

How your client can update a payment method they're using

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Yes, your client can update or remove the credit card they're using to make their payments. The change will need to be completed on your clients' end per the instructions below. If your client needs to turn autopay off entirely, here's how they can do that.

📚 Tip

If a client needs to update or delete a card on file for recurring invoices, you will need to stop the recurring invoice first. Learn how to stop a recurring invoice.

Update a credit card on a payment schedule

1.  Have your client open their client portal by clicking any link in any HoneyBook email you've sent them (for example, the link to a file you've sent, or the direct link to your client portal).

2.  Open the file with the payment schedule in question and navigate to the Payment page.

3. From the Payment page, click pay in advance.

4.  This will open the payments screen. This will NOT automatically make a payment. In the Credit card section, click Edit.

5.  Click the trash can icon that appears in order to remove the card, then Confirm.

📣 Note

If autopay is turned on, clicking the trash can icon by the card on file for autopay will turn autopay off. The client can opt back in to autopay when they manually make the next scheduled payment with the appropriate card, by following the steps below.

6. When the client is ready, they can enter the information for the new credit card, opt back in to auto-pay (if needed), and click Pay. This will process the next payment in the schedule immediately and save the new credit card to the client's account.

If you'd prefer a master view of all previously-used payment methods, which will allow you to remove any outdated options, follow the steps below.

Remove a previously-saved payment method:

1. From any page, click your profile photo in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Select My Account from the menu.

3. Scroll to the Manage Payment Methods section at the bottom of the page.

4. Hover over the payment method you'd like to remove and click the trash can icon.

📣 Note

You will only be able to manage your own payment methods here.

5. If a payment method is currently in use for autopay, we will let you know with a pop-up message before you delete it. If you'd still like to move forward with deleting the payment method, we recommend you set a reminder for yourself to add a new payment method on your next due date to avoid any late payments, at which time you can opt back in to autopay.

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