A Brochure in HoneyBook is a beautifully designed file that can include a list of items or services that you offer, descriptions of the services, price estimates, and questions for your potential clients to answer. When they receive a Brochure, they'll be able to select the packages or services that they're interested in — or, if you haven't listed specific services, they can simply click a button to tell you that they're interested in your services in general — answer any questions you've posed, and submit their choices from right within the file.

When your client receives the Brochure, they can: 

  • Select packages, items, and/or services that they're interested in

  • Select multiple packages/items from the pricing list (if you'd like them to!)

  • Select service and a la carte quantities (if you'd like them to!)

  • Simply select "I'm Interested" if you haven't included specific services in your Brochure

  • Easily answer any questions you've included

Not only are you able to use the Brochure to send over your interactive list of services, but with the flexibility in formatting, you can even use this file type to build out and share other important information with your clients — and at any point during the booking process. You can use the file as a traditional portfolio, a welcome kit, a guide to working with you, or really anything you can imagine!

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