Sending a batch email

How to send an email to many contacts at once

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HoneyBook's batch email tool is perfect for that mass follow-up email you're looking to send: it allows you to send one email to a group of contacts, but ensures that each email delivered to each contact individually (i.e., your many contacts will not suddenly have access to everyone's email addresses).

PLEASE NOTE before starting your batch email:

  • Make sure that you've synced your business email account to HoneyBook (this is required in order to send batch emails)

  • You will be able to send up to 2 individual batch emails per 24-hour period

  • You will be able to send batch emails to up to 200 total recipients per 24-hour period

  • Batch emails are for individual email sends and do not have drip campaign functionality at the moment

  • At the moment, you are not able to add attachments or HoneyBook files to batch emails. You will need to send those messages out individually.

To send a batch email:

1.  Click the Tools tab in your top navigation bar.

2.  Select Batch Emails from the menu.

3.  Click Create New Batch.

4.  Craft and format your email! You can enter your text directly into the body of the email, or choose from your existing email templates.

  • HoneyBook Tip: To personalize the email, use the Insert client name button! This will insert a dynamic field into the email text, which will automatically pull each clients' first name into the email they receive.

5.  Click Next when your email is ready.

6.  Now, select your recipients by checking the box next to their names. You can also search for individuals using the search bar.

7.   When you're ready, click Send Email.

Congrats! Now that your email has been sent, you'll even be able to review the email and track its status—recipients, open rates, etc.—from within the batch email tool.

PLEASE NOTE: The batch email feature is currently set up to send one-time emails, and is not able to set up a drip campaign or recurring emails. 

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