Templates are a big thing for us — mostly because they save you time and effort, which we love. As with all of our files (amongst other things!), you can create Templates for the various payment schedules that you might use. 

Saving a payment Template will allow you to utilize a payment schedule and amount structure over and over. Once saved, you can simply select that Template when creating an Invoice or Proposal in the future — so the dates and amounts you need will just pull in automatically! You can also update the Default Template that HoneyBook starts you with to make sure that all new files you create will automatically pull in your most-used schedule option.

In this article, we'll review:

Creating a new payment Template

1.  Begin by creating an Invoice, a Proposal, or a Template of either.

2.  Make any necessary changes to the payment schedule in the Payment Plan section. 

3.  When the plan is to your liking, click the Payment Templates menu.

4.  In the Save As field, enter the name of your new Template.

5.  Click Save.

Now, when sending an Invoice or Proposal in the future (or creating either type of Template), you can simply select the saved payment Template you need for this file!

Editing your default payment Template

To make sure that any new Invoice or Proposal you create defaults to your most-used payment schedule, simply update the existing Default Payment Template to suit your needs!

1. Open or create an Invoice, a Proposal, or a Template of either,.

2. In the Payment Plan section, make sure your Default Payment Template is open. You can double check by selecting the Payment Templates dropdown — whichever Template you're looking at will be bolded.

3. Edit the payment schedule as necessary.

4. Click the Payment Templates dropdown.

5. Leave the Template name as-is, and click Save.

Now, your Default Template should be saved with your changes, looking exactly how you want it to look! Any time you start a new Invoice or Proposal from scratch — or, any time a Brochure submission automatically creates a new Proposal — the file will pull in your new Default Template (though you can still always change it in the file) and your client can easily make their payments from any device. Here's what the process looks like for them!

PLEASE NOTE: When a client enters their payment information and clicks Pay, the first payment in the payment schedule will process immediately, even if this occurs before the payment due date. This also applies if auto-pay is turned on (by you or the client); if the client enters their payment information before the first payment due date, the initial payment will process immediately, and future payments set to auto-pay will automatically process on the set due dates.

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