Every Project in your Pipeline is unique and wonderful in its own way, but it can definitely be tough to keep track of every single detail. That's why HoneyBook offers the option to create and send simple Questionnaires to your clients, streamlining the process of collecting Project information.

There are several elements involved in Questionnaire creation, including:

Prefer a video walkthrough? We got you. Check it out here.

Or perhaps you need to send a Questionnaire through the app? We got you there, too.

To send a Questionnaire:

1.  Find or create the Project that requires a Questionnaire, as all files need to be associated with an existing Project.

  • Find a Project: search via the search icon in the top left corner of your Home page, or select the Projects tab to review your full list of Projects.
  • Create a Project: learn how here.

2.  Once in the Project's Workspace, click the New File button.

3.  Select Questionnaire from the file menu.

4.  Choose to start with a blank Questionnaire, a recently used Questionnaire, or a Questionnaire Template.

  • HoneyBook Tip: Changes you make to this file will only save here. If you started with a recent Questionnaire or Template, the original files won't be affected!

5.  Customize your file header (file name, background image, and more) — you can learn how here.

6.  Next to your profile picture, review or enter your welcome message or introduction.

7.  If you're not working off a Template, start entering your questions by clicking into the blank Type Your Question Here field.

8.  If you'd like, you can customize your placeholder text with an example answer in the Customize Your Placeholder Text Here field.

9.  Check the Required Question box if your client is required to answer to submit the Questionnaire.

10.  Click Add Question or Section to continue building out your Questionnaire. You can:

  • Add questions with a variety of formats: text, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.
  • Add sections for additional static text, or to collect Project information.
  • HoneyBook Tip: Using the Collect Project Information section will add a set questions that align with the Project Details, and will automatically sync the answers. 

You can also click on any question to edit the text, drag-and-drop to change the order using the 6-dot icon, or delete via the trash can icon.

11.  When you're finished adding questions, click the Client View button in the top right corner to preview what your client will see, or just click Next: Review Email to proceed.

12.  Review your email subject line and body, and make any edits you'd like. Learn more about editing your emails here.

13.  Click Send! HoneyBook will send the email and Questionnaire right to your client.

Once your client submits the Questionnaire, you'll be able to access their answers via the file within the Project. Remember that the answers cannot be edited by either you or your client once the file has been submitted!

PLEASE NOTE: If you've added multiple participants to your Project but you only need to send the Questionnaire to one (or a certain subset of the participants), you can create a related Workspace within your Project to do so!

Looking for a public-facing set of questions instead? Check out the Contact Form to see if that fits the bill!

Want to learn more?

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a message by clicking the Question Mark icon on any HoneyBook page. Our team is always happy to help!

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