For those extra generous clients who want to add a tip on top of their payment, we've got just the thing. When sending a Proposal or Invoice, you have the option to allow gratuity as part of your payment options!

To turn the gratuity option on or off: 

1.  From within the Invoice or Proposal you've created, click the Gear icon in the top right corner of your screen to open the File Drawer.

2.  Make sure you're in the Options tab.

3.  In the Payment Options section, toggle Allow Gratuity on or off. 

Now, when your clients are submitting a payment, they'll be able to add a tip to their payment by selecting a percentage, or they can enter a customized dollar amount.

PLEASE NOTE: Clients that who are only submitting one payment will be able to add gratuity to that payment after adding their credit card or bank information.
Clients with two or more payments in their payment schedule will only be able to add gratuity to the second and subsequent payments.

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