For any file type that you create — Invoices, Proposals, Contracts, Brochures, Questionnaires, and Timelines — you can (and should!) customize the document header to fit your brand. You can include your company logo, update the name of the file, change the header title and subtitle, choose the background image to suit your business, and, for Invoices and Proposals, edit the Bill To field.

Here's what you can edit in your header:

  • File name: click the title in the top left corner to edit.

  • Logo: hover over your logo and select the pencil icon to update the image, or the trash can icon to remove it. (Haven't uploaded a logo yet? Here's how!)

  • Header title and subtitle: these will default to your company name and your name — just click to edit.

  • Background image: select the picture icon and upload a photo of your choice, or if you've already uploaded some assets to your Library, choose one from there! You can also set a default image in advance, if there's one you use most frequently.

  • Bill To field: click Add Client to review the current recipient and add more contacts. More on this below!

PLEASE NOTE: The header title and subtitle cannot be edited in the context of creating Templates; they can only be edited within a file as it's being sent to a client. Your square logo can be changed to another image when creating a Template, and can be changed or deleted entirely when sending a file to a client.


Using the "Bill To" field in Invoices and Proposals

Invoices and Proposals include an additional header element: the Bill To field, located just below your logo. The first client in your workspace will automatically be added under Bill To when you're creating and sending a file.

You can also use the Bill To field to add new clients and include them in the email you're sending. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any clients added in the Bill To field will also be added as participants to the workspace, and will therefore automatically be included on all communication moving forward!

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