Paperless is becoming more and more popular, but sometimes, you just need a hard copy. Fortunately, you can easily print any files from within a Project — and your clients  can print them too! You can even save them as a PDF. 

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, you are only to print files once they've been added to or created within a Project. You cannot print files from within your Templates section.

To print a file: 

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, navigate to the Project for which you'll be printing a file.

  • You can search for a specific Project via the search icon, or select the Projects tab to review your full list of Projects.

2.  Find the file in question by selecting the Files tab, then clicking to open the file.

3.  In the top tool bar of all files, you'll see a printer icon — just click to print!

If you'd like to save the file as a PDF, you'll be able to select a Save as PDF option from the printer settings once you've clicked Print. The exact process will vary based on the browser you're using, but here are a few common ones:



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