What's the difference between our referral program tiers?

In this article, we'll review:

Basic Referrals

Every HoneyBook member starts out on this tier of our Referral Program.

This means you:

  • Have transacted less than $2,000 through HoneyBook

  • Can give 20% off to your referrals, and get up to $100

This is a great way to start to share the love and influence others' business while you get to know HoneyBook. 


Premium Referrals

As a HoneyBook member, you automatically unlock our Premium Referral tier when your business transacts more than $2,000 through the platform. While the referral percentage you can offer doesn’t change, the payout amount you receive doubles! When you unlock Premium Referrals, you can give 20% off and get up to $200.

Believe it or not, unlocking Premium Referral only takes a couple months for active members, and we'll send you an email letting you know when it happens.

Limited Time Offer

Beginning April 11, 2022, you have an additional referral option! This offer is available to any member with Premium Referrals unlocked. When you take advantage of this offer, you:

  • Can give your referrals the subscription rate of $1 per month for 6 months (after 6 months, their subscriptions will go the regular rate of $39 per month) or $96 for 1 year (after 1 year, their subscriptions will go to the regular rate of $390 annually)

  • Will earn $50 when your referral books $1,000 in business on the platform

To adjust your referral offer, first select the referral icon to the top right of your screen.

In the pop-up that appears, click See more ways to share to open your Referral Dashboard. Then, just toggle to the offer you’d like to use!

Whenever someone begins a HoneyBook membership using your referral code moving forward, you’ll receive the corresponding referral payout.

PLEASE NOTE: Remember that if you take advantage of the limited time offer, you’ll receive a referral payout once your referral books $1,000 in business on the platform!

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