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Tagging a collaborator on a published Project
Tagging a collaborator on a published Project

Tag people you worked with on published Projects to create great SEO for all

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Since your public profile is just that — public! — you definitely want to make sure it represents your unique business. Publishing Projects is a great way to showcase what you're working on and give people (both clients and other creatives) a peek into your business.

If you've worked on a Project with another creative and want to give them the credit they deserve, you can tag them as a collaborator on the Project — it's as simple as adding their email address, even if they're not in the HoneyBook Community. 

To tag a collaborator on a published Project:

1.  Head to your HoneyBook Public Profile by clicking your profile photo, then Public Profile.

2.  Click the Project to which you'd like to add a collaborator.

3.  Click Add Collaborator.

4.  Add in your collaborator's contact information. If they're already in the HoneyBook Community, the system may autofill their information. 

5.  Click Add.

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