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The difference between Clients and Creatives
The difference between Clients and Creatives
Understanding the difference between adding a client as a contact, and adding a Creative as a connection
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Within HoneyBook, you have two important lists of people: your Contacts tab, where you can store your clients' information, and your Creatives list in your Tools tab, where you'll find information for other creatives or vendors.

A contact is any client or relevant party with whom you're working on a Project. Adding clients to your HoneyBook Contact list doesn't require the client's approval, as long as you have their email address! Even if you don't currently have a Project in the works with a particular contact, you can still add their information into your Contacts tab for future reference.

A Creative is anyone that has been added to HoneyBook as a vendor, whether by you, by them, or by someone else. Creatives can also be clients that you work with, but because they're labeled as a Creative, they'll have additional access in their account. 

You can simply add Creatives' contact information to your Creatives list, for which they'll receive no notification, or take it step further and connect with them to build out your own vendor network! They'll receive an in-app notification when you request to connect, and they can approve the request there.

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