Wondering what you can do when you connect Calendly with your HoneyBook account

First of all, when your clients click your Calendly scheduling link, they’ll be directed right to your Calendly landing page. From there, they can see all your open time slots and quickly schedule a time to connect with you — without needing to go back and forth with you about availability.

You might use Calendly to help schedule things like:

  • Mini sessions
  • Discovery calls
  • Business coaching sessions
  • Mentoring sessions

The magic really happens if you've integrated Calendly with HoneyBook. Calendly will make sure you're not listed as available during events that are on your HoneyBook calendar, and will automatically pull any meetings scheduled through Calendly right into HoneyBook.

Here are a few ideas for distributing your Calendly link:

  • Include your link in HoneyBook email Templates: email Templates can be used in HoneyBook when you send files, message through the Activity feed, or utilize workflows. They save you time, and including the link means you'll never forget to send it out!
  • Set up a Workflow to automatically email your Calendly link to potential clients: Workflows allow you to set up automated emails when someone submits a Contact Form — including your scheduling link can limit the back and forth!
  • Include your Calendly link in any other communications: add it to non-HoneyBook emails, SMS messages, or anywhere else from which your clients might want to schedule time with you. 

Remember, if you've integrated Calendly with HoneyBook, you can find your scheduling link in the Calendly section of your HoneyBook Integrations tab.

Regardless of how you share your Calendly link, as long as your account is connected to HoneyBook, all scheduled meetings will be automatically pulled into your HoneyBook calendar — which simplifies things for you and creates a streamlined experience for your clients. Win-win!

HoneyBook Tip: Don't have a Calendly account but still want easy scheduling? No problem — HoneyBook's Scheduling tool can help!

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