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Posting Opportunities in a different city
Posting Opportunities in a different city

How to post an Opportunity to the HoneyBook Community for a location outside your local area

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If you have an Opportunity that might be relevant to creatives outside your immediate location, you can easily post said Opportunity to a different city. 

To post an Opportunity in a different city:

1.  From your Community home page, click Post Opportunity.

2.  Enter your Opportunity type and title, then click Next

3.  In the Who field, select which industry types to notify of this Opportunity.

4.  The Post To field will default to your current location. Click the X to remove, then enter your preferred location.

  • HoneyBook Tip: For Opportunities that can be remote — graphic design, copywriting, etc. — you can also click the box to post to all locations. This will post the Opportunity, but will not notify the audience (due to the size).

5.  Click Post Opportunity when you're ready!

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