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Turning notifications on or off
Turning notifications on or off
How to update your personal notification settings for new account activity
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HoneyBook's Notification Center makes sure you never miss an update — it can alert you when you have a new message from a client, when a Contract has been signed, when a payment has been made, and more. Learn more about the types of notifications here!

Notifications will appear as a badge icon in your HoneyBook tool bar, and you can also choose to receive alerts as browser notifications (see below for more details) and mobile push notifications

By default, HoneyBook sets all of your alerts to the on position, but you can easily toggle any alert on or off. 

To adjust your notification settings:

1.  Hover over the bell icon in the top right corner of your screen to open the notifications menu.

2.  Click the slider icon to open notification preferences.

3.  Use the radio buttons to toggle notifications on or off. 

4.  Click Done when you're ready!

Browser notifications

When you first click on your Notification Center, you'll be prompted by your browser to allow to show notifications. If you click Allow at that point, you should be all set!

You can also confirm or adjust your browser notification settings for HoneyBook at any time by navigating to the site information or notification preferences within your individual browser. This will vary based on the browser; in Chrome, for example, select the lock icon and make sure pop-ups are allowed.

Want to learn more?

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