Responding to a new Inquiry via mobile app

How to respond to a potential client's Inquiry through the iOS or Android app

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Just get a new Inquiry? Sweet! If you're on your desktop, you can easily access and respond to any new Inquiries through the Inquiry bucket of your Project Pipeline, but it's just as easy to respond to a new Inquiry via the iOS or Android app — and you’ll even receive an instant mobile alert that the Inquiry came in, if you have push notifications enabled

iOS & Android: Responding to an Inquiry

1.  Open your HoneyBook iOS or Android app.

2.  You should see the new Inquiry in your Project Pipeline under Recent Activity, or you can select the Inquiry stage of the Pipeline to find the new Inquiry there.

3.  Tap the new Project to open the Inquiry. 

4.  From the Details tab of the Project, tap I’m Interested.

5.  Now, select or create the email with which you'll respond to the Inquiry. You can either:

  • Create a new message by tapping the empty email body field to display your keyboard and formatting bar, then entering your subject line and email text.

  • Select the Templates menu at the top of the screen to choose from your existing email Templates.

6.  Tap Send to send your response.

Your Inquiry will now automatically move to the Follow Up stage of your Project Pipeline, where you can continue corresponding with the potential client, sending emails or any files that you need.

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