In a business, certain services just go hand in hand. Instead of taking the time to add these individually to every file, group items or services into Package Templates. Once you've created a few, use them to build your Invoices, Proposals, and Brochures with a just few clicks, adding that set of items in one fell swoop! You can always edit them once they've been added to a file.

HoneyBook Tip: Packages are the building blocks for your other Templates, so we recommend creating Package Templates before Invoice, Proposal, or Brochure Templates. 

Prefer a video walkthrough? We got you. Check it out here. 

To create a Package Template:

1.  From your HoneyBook home page, click the Tools menu. 

2.  Select Templates from the menu.

3.  Select Package from the list of Template options.

4.  Click the tab on the left side of the screen to open the File Drawer, then click Add Template.

5.  Click on the title to update the name of the Package.

6.  Click Add New Item to add a service to the Package, and click any detail field (quantity, price, tax, etc.) to edit. You can:

  • Create a brand new item by typing in the item name
  • Choose from recently used items, if you've already added some in other Projects. 

HoneyBook Tip: You can also rearrange the order of items: the 6-dot Icon that appears on the left side of the item indicates a drag-and-drop!

7.  To price the package as a whole, rather than as an itemized cost list, edit the price in the Package title line and remove prices from the individual items.

All changes will save automatically, so you're good to go whenever you're finished with your edits! Now, whether you itemize your Package or price it as a whole, the cost will automatically total up in any file to which you add the Template.

HoneyBook Tip: To make a quick copy of an already existing Package, click the duplicate icon next to the Template name in the File Drawer. 

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