If a client reaches out to you with difficulty submitting a payment in HoneyBook, it's likely due to one of a handful of reasons. Take a look below at some common causes, so you can help your client walk through the steps to resolve the issue.

  • Client hasn't signed Proposal

  • Client has not accepted changes on their Proposal or Invoice

  • There is a pending bank transfer for a previous payment

  • The client's credit card was declined

  • The Proposal or Invoice has been expired

  • The client has an expired link


Client hasn't signed Proposal

What to check: confirm with your client that they've completed and signed the included Contract.

When a client receives a Proposal from you, they'll have to sign the Contract portion before they can submit a payment. 

And don't forget the custom field items! If your Proposal includes fields for your client to fill in, they'll need to complete those fields before signing. Read more about how to troubleshoot signing Contracts here.

Client hasn't accepted file changes

What to check: make sure that your client has clicked Accept Changes on the newest version of your Proposal or Invoice.

If you've made changes to a file, you'll need to resend it to your client for review. They'll receive a notification that changes have been made, and will be asked to accept the changes. Once they accept, they can submit their payment.

Previous bank transfer is pending

What to check: review your client's existing payments by heading to their Project and opening the Payments tab.

When a client submits a payment by bank transfer, they'll need to wait for the transfer to complete before they can submit subsequent payments. Once the transfer is complete, they'll be able to make their next payment.

Payment was declined

What to check: have your client reach out to their credit card company to address the issue.

If your client tries to submit a payment and receives a declined payment message, they'll need to reach out to their credit card company directly to inquire why the payment was declined. Some companies will add additional security to a payment submitted online if the payment is over a certain amount.

Once the client contacts their credit card company to verify the payment, they'll be able to go back to their Proposal or Invoice in HoneyBook and submit their payment.

The file has expired

What to check: unexpire the file by heading to the Project, locating file in the Files tab, and selecting Unexpire.

If you've set a file to expire at a certain point and your client attempts to make a payment after the expiration, they'll be unable to do so. You can re-open the file by selecting the 3-dot icon and unchecking the expired box.

What to check: ask if your client has resent the file link to themselves.

If your client receives a message that their link to the file has expired, all they need to do is click the original link again, then when they receive the "expired" message, click the button to request a new link.

For reference, here's how long links remain active:

  • 20 days from being sent and not clicked

  • 20 days from being clicked for the first time

  • Up to 20 clicks

If your client continues to experience any issues submitting a payment, please click the Question Mark icon on any page to send our Concierge team a message — we'd be happy to assist!

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