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Referral Program FAQ

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2018 10:53AM PST

What is the referral program?
Our referral program is a way of rewarding you when you help bring a new member into the HoneyBook platform. When you share your unique referral link and someone clicks on it and signs up for a HoneyBook membership, we send money straight to your bank account. Don’t forget, your referral link gives your fellow creatives a discount on their first year on HoneyBook!

Types of referrals
The Referral Program consists of: Basic Referral (give 20% off, get $40) and Premium Referral (give 50% off, get $200).  Learn more about the differences here.


Why do we have a referral program?
As a HoneyBook member, you tell our story better than any advertisement or marketing stunt. When you give us your ultimate stamp of approval and bring in a new member, it means the world to us. Our referral program is our way of saying thank you, and meaning it.

Monitoring & Security
To ensure that our referral program can continue to best serve our community, our referral program is closely monitored by our dedicated Fraud Team.


Referral Program FAQs

  1. ​How does my unique referral link work?
  2. Where can I find my referral link?
  3. How do I share my referral link?
  4. How do I get paid for referring a new member?
  5. Where is my referral dashboard?
  6. What is the difference between Basic Referral and Premium Referral?
  7. Do I have a limit on how many people I can invite to HoneyBook (or give my referral link to)?
  8. How much money can I earn from the Referral Program?
  9. How to I qualify for Premium Referral?
  10. What are Referral Program best practices?
  11. If someone uses my referral link, then cancels their subscription, do I get paid?
  12. What if I refer someone and they forget to use my referral link?
  13. How do I know who has used my referral link to sign up for a HoneyBook membership?
  14. How do I know who has used my referral link to start a free trial on HoneyBook (but not a membership yet)?
  15. Monitoring & Fraud
  16. What are the Terms & Conditions?

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