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What do I need to integrate my HoneyBook account to Quickbooks Online?

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018 09:24PM PDT

Quickbooks integration is only available for Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus.

To connect HoneyBook to Quickbooks Online click “Connect to Quickbooks” from your Quickbooks tab under the Bookkeeping tab. You will be asked to input your Quickbooks Online login information in order to authenticate your account.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll need to select your QuickBooks tax rate (if you charge sales tax), and your QuickBooks deposit account (the account your HoneyBook payments come into).

Selecting your default tax rate and Default account 

After connecting with Quickbooks you can select your tax rate and account from the two drop down menus. 

The default account you select should match the account that you will be receiving payments to in your Quickbooks account. This will be the account that you see listed on your dashboard in your Quickbooks account.

Now that you have connected we have put together a an overview of what to expect when you sync a payment from HoneyBook to Quickbooks. Quickbooks Overview.

Quickbooks Canada:

  • Any items with no tax on your HoneyBook invoice will automatically default to zero-rated tax when synced in Quickbooks. 

  • Any items with tax on your HoneyBook invoice will automatically default to your default tax rate set in HoneyBook when synced in Quickbooks. 

  • For any items with a different tax rate than your default  tax rate (tax in a different province etc.), you will need to manually update that tax rate in Quickbooks.

Want to learn more about setting up your tax rate in Quickbooks? Click here

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