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Last Updated: Sep 04, 2017 08:57AM PDT

We believe in community over competition. We’ve created this space for you to explore, share, and build your community. The limits are endless when we come together, so we hope that you will use this space to showcase your work and collaborate with new connections.

Here are some quick guidelines to help you make the best use of our Creative Community.


We know that "in search of's" can easily get lost in groups and it can be hard to track responses when they are all over the place. We’ve created Opportunities so that you can keep your "in search of's" in one place and make sure that the right people are seeing your post. Here are some do’s and dont’s on making the best use of Opportunities.


  • Select an Opportunity type. This will help your Opportunity to reach the right audience!
    • Paid Opportunity: You are offering an Opportunity where you will be paying for services. (e.g. looking for a second shooter)
    • Collaboration: You are looking to exchange or trade services with other creatives. (e.g. styled shoots, free events)
    • Promote my services: You are offering your services to the community. If you are looking for new clients this is a great place to start.
    • Other: Just like it sounds, this is anything that doesn't fall into the above categories. (e.g. events, general posts)
  • Find and share job and collaboration opportunities wherever you are working.
  • Opportunities must be relevant to the creative industry.
  • Provide as much detail as possible, such as budget, dates, prices etc...
  • Be kind and respectful in your interactions.
  • Be transparent and truthful in the portrayal of your Opportunities.


  • Please, no spam! Spam includes but is not limited to excessive self promotion.
  • Don't tag creative industries that aren't relevant to your Opportunity. We want to make sure that people are receiving notifications about the most relevant opportunities for them!
  • We know that teleporting is awesome but, don't post to all locations, unless the Opportunity is truly relevant to all locations.  Examples include logo work from graphic designers or copywriting. 
  • Opportunities must comply with federal and state laws and regulations.



Projects are a great way to showcase what you are working on and give people (both clients and other creatives) a peek into your business. Your public profile is just that, public! Make sure it represents your unique business. We’ve optimized each profile with a ton of SEO juice so that new clients, connections, and other creatives can easily find your business! Do I hear more leads? :)



  • Share your recent work, collaborations, and projects on your profile to showcase your business and improve SEO.


  • Don’t swipe content from others - make sure you have permission to post the content you share.



Community is all about the connections that you make so that, together, we can learn, grow and contribute! Connect with new friends, old friends, and potential collaborators for projects that you’re working on!



  • Connect with creatives in your area and beyond.


  • Spam others with connection requests-- make sure that your connections are meaningful.

See someone breaking these guidelines?

We are relying on you, our community, to help us keep a pulse on what’s going on in the community. If you notice any of these guidelines being broken, please report it to concierge@honeybook.com

The Fine Print

  • Be respectful!
  • No bullying, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or written/verbal abuse
  • We welcome everyone here, so please be respectful in conversation; we encourage healthy dialogue, but not arguments. We may not all agree, but we can still treat each other well + encourage relationship building
  • Refrain from incorporating politics or religion into posts and responses
  • By uploading photos to projects, you certify that you have permission to share the photos publicly and have the right to use them. You agree that you are representing your business, services, and work truthfully.
  • We respect the intellectual property rights, trademarks, and copyrights of others, and expect our members to do the same.

By participating in this community, you give HoneyBook & Rising Tide Society permission to use all content in this forum for marketing, customer service, and other purposes HoneyBook considers appropriate.

Please understand that HoneyBook reserves the right to remove users and edit or remove posts from The Creative Community where appropriate.

For technical support, email concierge@honeybook.com

These are the Guidelines crafted by the HoneyBook & Rising Tide Society team to detail what is and is not permitted in The Creative Community. This community is designed to serve as a database of creatives throughout the world, offer a space to showcase projects and work via a portfolio, and connect creatives through Opportunities, referrals, and “in search of” posts. Should you have any needs, questions, or suggestions, please email concierge@honeybook.com.  


HoneyBook, Rising Tide Society, and The Creative Community are not held liable for results of any conversation, transaction, or outcome made as a result of any relationship gained through this platform. If you choose to engage in any transaction or conversation, we cannot be held liable for items including but not limited to loss of money, business, health, and more.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility for personal messages or contact outside of the platform soliciting business should you choose to share contact information (or request information) from other group members. We truly believe that the best way to form impactful relationships within The Creative Community is through genuine interactions and transparency with intentions.

However you choose to engage within The Creative Community or affiliated events, know that we are not held liable for any impact on your business or personal life.

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