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How can I add existing clients and invoices from another system into HoneyBook?

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2018 11:30AM PDT
HoneyBook helps you stay organized by keeping all your clients, invoices and payments all in one place.

To add existing contacts and invoices from another system in HoneyBook, just follow the steps below:

Adding existing invoices

1. In your pipeline, create a new project by clicking the "+ New" icon in the top right corner of your account.

2. Add all Project details and click Next.

3. Now you can add your client to the workspace using their email. Enter the email and click the Add button and then you can enter additional information about the client. After entering this information don't forget to click Done and this will add the client to the project workspace.

4. Now you are ready to add in the invoice from a previous system. Click on the New Files button in the project workspace and select the Invoice file type.

5. Edit the invoice to match the services you and your client have already agreed upon. To add a service click on Add Package or Item highlighted in blue.

6. After adding the service(s) scroll to the Payment Schedule where you will be able to edit the payments that you and your client have agreed upon. In the Payment Schedule you can edit the date the payment is due, the payment amounts, the number of payments the client will be submitting, and if the payment has already been paid.
If your client has already submitted a payment to you, you can manually mark the payment as paid in the payment schedule by clicking the pencil icon under Status.

7. If your client still has outstanding payments click Next: Review Email to send the Invoice to the client. When sending the invoice you will be able to customize the email you send to the client before sending the email.

8. You've now successfully added an event, 
client and invoice to HoneyBook. If you've sent the invoice, your client will receive an email with and steps to pay online.

To add additional clients and invoices repeat the following steps for each client.

Need to add existing Contacts without invoices?

If you have existing clients and or contacts that you would like to bring over to HoneyBook, not a problem! Click here to learn more about how to add these contacts into HoneyBook.

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