Sweet! You've created and sent a Brochure. Once your client receives your email containing the Brochure file, they can simply click the provided link to open their Brochure.

If you’ve sent a Brochure that includes specific items or services, your client will be able to select the service(s) they’re interested in. 

Once they’ve made their selections, they will be able to review their selections in the Review section at the bottom of the Brochure. Markers will be used to indicate to your client that there is a section they can/must make selections from. When they're ready, they can click Submit at the top or bottom of the file.

If you are the creator of the file, you'll receive an email notification when your client clicks I'm Interested or submits their selections. If they've submitted selections, HoneyBook will also draft (but not send!) a Proposal for you to review based on the items/services that your client chose. Here's more on reviewing your clients' Brochure selections!

If you’ve sent a Brochure that does not include any specific items or services (using your service blocks), your client will simply see an I’m Interested button at the bottom of the file. They can click this to indicate that they’re interested in your general services.

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