In HoneyBook, your mission control for new account activity is your Notification Center, which helps you keep track of important system to-dos and alerts you when something needs your attention—very important for you busy busy people!

The alerts that are currently available are:

  • New Inquiries: New inquiries coming through your contact form
  • Project Messages: Messages in Activity Feeds within Projects
  • Payments: Payments that have been made
  • Activity on Files: Unread file emails, Brochure packages selected, Questionnaires submitted, and Preferred Vendor Lists requested
  • Opportunities: Relevant opportunities and comments on opportunities
  • Community Connections: Requests to connect from the Community
  • Referral Program: Activity on referrals you've made

In the Notification Center, you can also:

  • Mark all notifications as read at once
  • Mark an individual notification as read
  • Toggle between unread and all notifications
  • Update your notification preferences 

HoneyBook Tip:  If you’ve already responded to a feed message or countersigned a contract, that notification will automatically mark itself as read.

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