Sometimes, an email gets buried in your client's inbox. Sometimes, you want to check in, but you're just... well, really busy. In the case of this familiar scene, HoneyBook's automated email actions may help ease the struggle.

In your email actions, you can choose to automatically:

  • Send Questionnaires to gather more client or project info
  • Send payment reminders to help your clients make payments on time
  • Send file viewing reminders if your client hasn't reviewed their documents
  • Expire Invoice or Proposals after a specified time period

HoneyBook Tip: Looking to automate responses to your Contact Form? Check out how with Workflows!

To update your automated email actions:

1.  From any page, click your profile photo in the top right corner of your screen. 

2.  Select Company Settings from the menu.

3.  Select the Preferences tab.

4.  Scroll down to the Actions section.

5.  Use the radio buttons to toggle the actions on or off. 

6.  When an action is turned on (except for payment reminders), you can customize it further by clicking on the pencil icon.

  • Customize things like the Template to send and the timing of the email. 

Remember, you can always head back to the Actions section to turn these emails off.

Want to learn more?

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